A trio of stellar country music musicians


Jason Cooper


Born and raised in the Vancouver area, Jason Cooper has always been a fan of Country Music. Son of British Columbia Country Music Hall of Famer Gary Cooper, Jason started performing along side his dad at the age of 17.    Learning how to blend the traditional honky tonk style with the mainstream sound, Cooper used this knowledge when penning the songs for his debut album, "Old School Country" which he released the summer of 2018. Not only did Jason write, sing, and perform lead guitar on the tracks, Cooper also produced the album. The first single "Johnny Cash Pumping Gas" has been released to country radio. Jason has always been highly influenced by the vocal stylings of Merle Haggard who he pays tribute to in the Country Icons Tribute show. He also plays lead guitar for the Alan Jackson and Waylon Jennings tribute artists in the show as well. Over the past years, Jason has entertained the crowds at many bars throughout western Canada, festivals, and fairs including Merritt Mountain Music Festival, Rockin’ River Music Festival, Abbotsford Agrifair and many more.

Robert Rowan


Robert Rowan hails from Chilliwack BC.  A man of many talents he is best known for his captivating vocals.  He also tags himself as a band manger, councillor, agent, promoter, sound technician and driver of the Winnebago.  Loving to sing, he picked up the rhythm guitar at 17 years old, as he needed something to do with his hands while singing.

Growing up in the 60’s & 70’s, all his friends were listening to rock so that’s what he favoured. At home there was always music in the house.  He recalls bands in the living room and a “Hawaiian guitar” which in fact was a lap steel. To Rob, music has always been a “feel good thing”.

He gave up a steady paycheque at 29 to pursue his dream.  Hitting the road with his buddy Dave Selvitella of Dave’s Roadhouse Music in Chilliwack, Savage West was established and they entered numerous talent shows. Dave eventually left the duo and Rob retained the trademark Savage West.  He has always had a passion for traditional country music and the stories it tells. Although continuing to work mostly in the country vein, he has honed his craft as a singer/front man over the years. This has allowed him to become well versed in a wide variety of musical styles. His rendition of a haunting country ballad to a powerful rock song or soulful blues tune, demonstrates his pure passion and high energy. For the past 35 years he and his Savage West band have entertaining adoring fans in night clubs, arenas, dance halls and pubs between BCand Newfoundland.

An avid baseball fan and a solid outfielder, he played all positions at some point over 27 years.  He can frequently be found these days chalking a cue stick in a newfound appetite for pool.  Despite being cursed with chasing hyperactive “squirrels”, most of his productive time is spent promoting the Country Icons. He is most proud of being a half decent guy and if you polled his peers and fans they would agree by saying he’s a pretty good guy.

Jake Allan


Jake Allan is a full time professional musician. Known as a skillful lead guitarist, singer and band manager, he’s been playing since the age of 6 years old. Jake originates from a very large family, many whom have become professional musicians and singers themselves.  A boy from BC, raised in Kelowna, got his first paid gig as a kid.  By that time, he had decided it was the musician’s life for him and turned pro at 19 years old.

Jake’s early years were spent in Alberta playing rock with the likes of Mike Reno from Loverboy.  In the early ‘80’s he felt a tug from country music and entered into a different genre.  Making a decision to move to Vancouver in 1989, he continued with country, freelancing until the making of his current band in 1991, Appaloosa.  

Jake respectfully embraces the accusations of his unique sound and diverse playing styles.

Along with his hobbies of drag racing and building hot rods, he actively runs his own production company, aptly named Appaloosa Productions.  He travels throughout BC providing venues with expert live sound engineering, and lighting to a variety of musical genres.  He’s presently working on writing some original material after purchasing recording equipment to inspire him.  He’s known in his circle for his quirky quick wittedness and always has a smile and corny joke to tell.

Jake is proud of being able to make a good living in this industry for 30 years and going forward only sees himself continuing to pursue writing and performing.